How to choose steel cabinets and wooden cabinets?

PubDate:2017-06-02   Author:   Views:2132

Steel filing cabinets, also called iron filing cabinets, are cabinets made of cold-rolled steel plates through a complete set of precise manufacturing processes. They are mainly used to store documents, materials and various archive items. Steel cabinets can be divided into file cabinets, filing cabinets, data cabinets, movable cabinets, key cabinets, disassembly cabinets, compact cabinets, CD cabinets, bookcases, lockers, shoe cabinets, and storage cabinets. Applicable places: suitable for service companies, factories, schools, various training institutions, hospitals, banks, government agencies and other enterprises and institutions.

The service life of the panel cabinet is usually 3-5 years, and the high-quality steel cabinet can reach 10 years or more. In addition, replacing the steel cabinet can be recycled and sold for 50-150 yuan per unit. The panel cabinet needs to be cleared and shipped. For the environmental pollution cost of cabinets, steel cabinets are undoubtedly the shrewd choice of every enterprise and family.

In addition, Jianpai would like to introduce the other 4 advantages of steel cabinets.

1. The fireproof performance of steel cabinets is higher than that of wooden cabinets, and the chance of escape from fire and earthquake is higher. Steel furniture products in the US and European markets account for more than 40%, and Japan is as high as 60-80%, thus providing good fire protection. Effect.

2. The steel cabinet has a long service life, so the investment value preservation rate is high.

3. Most of the main materials and accessories of steel cabinets can be reused. Generally, steel cabinets contain a high proportion of recycled raw materials, which is more environmentally friendly.

4. The environmentally friendly process ensures zero emission of formaldehyde, and the product is healthier and safer.

However, wooden cabinets have the following thorny problems: 1. The body is usually laminated with a melamine board on the inner core surface of the particleboard, which has poor load-bearing capacity and is easily deformed under load or pressure; 2. The particleboard has a loose texture and is dry in contact with cold and heat. Moisture changes are also easy to deform, which makes the stability of the cabinet frame worse, and the sliding door or drawer is no longer smooth and free; 3. Regardless of the board/glue, there is a certain degree of formaldehyde release, even if the E1 standard is marked, the actual It is difficult to control the amount of formaldehyde released during procurement.

In contrast, steel filing cabinets are the best choice!